POE Guide: Ice Witch Slays Vaal Oversoul Shortly


We discussed how to build the ice witch previously. This guide will share how the ice witch fights in battle in Path of Exile.

Before level 30, it is a little difficult for the witch to use Freezing Pulse in fights. So witch can summon some minions to be as body shield and help fight. When Spell Totem with Ice Nova is available, it is easy to fight against monsters or bosses. There is a analysis on how ice witch slays Vaal Oversoul in the game.

Vaal Oversoul in the Ancient Pyramid is the final boss in Act II. We look at the skills of Vaal Oversoul:
Summon monsters
Lightning Beam
Ice Shards

For ice with, the deadly skills are Lightning Beam and Slam. To fight Vaal Oversoul, it is neccesary to bring a Quicksilver Flask and Superior Topaz Flask. The former is to move quickly; the latter is to add lightning resistance.

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