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If you paid attention to our website before, you will get a lot useful FFXIV power leveling information. Today lets us get the last part of Final Fantasy XIV.


When you at Level 45, you are quick to boil over, only a few levels to go. The first thing you need to do is complete your Class quest, so that you can get your first 4 pieces of Artefact Armor, use them go fight for Garuda to complete The Howling Eye task. When the task has been completed, head to Ceruleum Processing Plant, completing your Main Scenario quest and do some the same time.


Tip: If possible, don’t miss the F.A.T.E.”Dark Devices”. This is a four part F.A.T.E. which can give your vast experience, especially when you have a know how to grind a group, in the first phase tagging as many mobs as possible for maximising the xp.


As you become more and more close to the end of the Main Scenario tasks, you will need to complete three new 8 people dungeons, then you can get your Artfact Armor at the final pieces.


The first dungeon is classed as a trial which called Cape Westwind(open at level 49). So very simple to do, and gave you a good lead up to the next two dungeons.


The second dungeons -- Castrum Meridianum will unlock after you reach level 50 and move through your Main Scenario task. This dungeon is obviously more difficult than the previous, but if you have a good party it will easily able to complete it.


Last dungeons Petorium as the final component of Main Scenario task, will also open at level 50. This dungeon is a combination of the last 2 dungeons and for 4 consecutive bosses. Please as far as possible reliable group with excellent teammate run together, however to run a pug group it isn’t impossible.


After the completion of the dungeon, you will get the rest of your Artefact Armor. All of the End Game Content will open. The long power leveling journey is finally over. Congratulations!


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